KING STAGE SC-160  ㄏノЧ癟跌癟┪琌筿福╰參獽タ絋抖ノ秨閩秙ㄓ磅︽笆秨訣┪閩訣玡狾Τ秨閩璉狾Τ16筿方礎畒桿竚20A耞筿竟ㄣ玂臔璉狾ㄑ萊筿方祏祏┑筐丁τ閩訣諷閩超ち耞璉筿方ㄑ萊SC-160琌稈∕筿方ㄑ萊SC-160琌稈∕筿方ㄑ萊拜肈蕩ㄎ砞稱  


        The best equipment for solving power supply problems. The KING STAGE Sequence Controller allows a whole audio, video, or computer system, to be power up in the correct sequence from the flick of one switch.
Front panel switch, 16 AC sockets in rear panel.
 20A circuit breaker for protection. Supply power to its rear panel is ascending order with a short delay time.
Cut off the power supply in reverse when switch off.


SPECIFICATIONS / 砏  ヘ魁更       

塊筿方ㄑ萊          Supply input voltage: A.C. 220/110V
 塊筿方ㄑ萊       Supply output voltage: A.C. 220/110V
–癹隔塊程筿方         Output current: 20A
北癹隔            Control output channels: 16ch
┑筐丁                               Delay time: 1sec.
へ                     Dimensions (H⊙W⊙D): 89⊙482⊙350mm
秖                                           Weight: 6.8kg